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Registering with Kirby Colletti

By registering with Kirby Colletti lettings department it is the first step in your search for your new home. The more detailed information that you can supply in respect of your requirements, the better equipped we will be to assit you in finding the right property. You can register online with us by accessing the form from the ‘register details page’, call into our high street office, call us on 01992 417888 or email us on


We will endeavour to arrange viewings at times that are convenient to you where possible and we will accompany you so that we are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.
Taking a property When you have found a property and have decided you wish to proceed we will submit this to the landlord, you will required to pay a £500.00 holding deposit to secure your interest and for the property to be removed from the market.

Move in Guide

You will be asked to complete sections of our tenant move in guide which takes you step by step through the lettings process it also details the breakdown of funds that will need to be paid before you move into the property.


Your completed application form will be submitted to a credit reference agency that will report, usually within five working days, to us. To assist them in obtaining references, please ask your employer and any other referees to respond as quickly as possible. Applicants with no traceable or residential history in the UK or with insufficient income may be required to supply a suitable guarantor or pay the full rental in advance for the term of contract.

Guarantors (if required)

The guarantor will need to complete an application form to be submitted for approval with our credit reference agency. The guarantor will need to sign the appropriate documentation before you occupy the property.

What you have to pay

We require a non-refundable deposit, credit search fee and administration fee to enable us to proceed with your application. The administration fee covers both the time involved and the processing of relevant documents for your references, the preparation of notices and tenancy agreement. The credit search fee is the amount charged to enable the credit reference agency to take up your references and make the searches required. However your help in chasing your referees may be required if they do not respond in the appropriate time scale.

If your application is successful

Upon confirmation that your tenancy application is successful, we will confirm with the landlord that we can proceed with the tenancy. Prior to you taking possession of the property, (even if you are not expecting the tenancy to start for some time) you will be asked to sign the tenancy agreement and standing order mandate (if we are instructed to collect the rent). If your application is on behalf of a company, an officer of the company will be required to sign the tenancy agreement on the company’s behalf.


Unless clearly agreed in advance with the landlord, and stated in the tenancy agreement no pets are allowed to be kept in the property. Where permission has been granted a supplementary deposit will be taken and used at the end of tenancy for additional cleaning / or de-fleaing of the property.


The rent, unless otherwise stated will not include council tax, water rates, electricity and gas. You need to arrange for the utilities to be put in your name. As this can take three days in some cases you need to attend to this without delay. The transfer of services is your responsibility. At the end of the tenancy please have the meters read but not disconnected. You must not change any utility company without the landlord’s permission.

Telephone and Television

Please apply to the telephone company directly to have the line put in your name. Please do not disconnect any existing service. You will need a television licence, which can be obtained from the Post Office. The tenancy agreement expressly forbids you to have a satellite dish or cable television installed at the property without written permission from the Landlord.