Kirby Colletti
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Your personal checklist

1) Confirm your move in date
2) If you are currently in renting, notify the landlord that you’re leaving and give him a move in date
3) Check that your home insurance is covered for when you move into your new home
4) Get a couple of quotes from removal companies. Make sure you get references and check the limits of their insurance
5) If you are not using a removal company, ask friends and family to help on the day
6) Book extra storage space if required
7) Notify utility companies of your move
8) Start getting rid of not wanted items and possessions in your home. Give them to charity shops, friends or even do a car boot sale
9) If you are looking to buy new carpets and furniture order them for your move in
10) Start collecting boxes that you can put your house hold items in on the move in day. If not buy some from your local super market
11) Start packing non-essential items into boxes, for example books and non-seasonal clothes
12) De-register from your doctor, dentist, opticians if you are moving out of the area
13) Visit the post office and ask for all of your post to be now sent to your new address. (There will be a fee for this)
14) Notify any magazine companies or brochures that you receive on a weekly basis to re-direct to a new address
15) If you have children or pets, ask friends or family to look after them on the date of the move in
16) Sent out letters to everyone you know with your new address
17) Finalise agreements with the removal company. For example the arrival time and the property addresses that they need
18) Arrange a time from the estate agents pick up your new home keys
19) Notify and then bank any changes to direct debits and standing